Spectre .... um ... uh ..... Yea about that....
I am the newest member to join Spectre Studios and probably the only one that couldn't come up with a "spectre" name that sounded good. I have known all the other Spectres  for years and gamed with them just as long. I started out many years ago like alot of us with D&D. I played in many role playing games and LARPs until one day at lunch Mark and another friend told me about this game called 40K. Next thing I know I am reading a rulebook, then playing a "test" game and then I am buying "just a small" army of Space Marines. Since then my Space Marine army has become a Dark Angels successor chapter and is very close to being 4 Battle companies strong. I have collected a average sized Eldar army, Trollbloods from Hordes, Orcs and Goblins for Fantasy/Age of Sigmar and the robots for Dreadball.

Of course my biggest investment is in my Heroclix collection. I have been playing since day 1 and bought figs from the first set Infinity Challenge some 15 years ago. I currently am the Volunteer at the Complex to run tournaments Thursday nights and for special events. I am a bigger Marvel fan than a DC fan but that still doesn't stop me from buying the DC clix ... by the case. And the Marvel sets ... by the CASES!

Also along the way somewhere in there I branched out into Magic and other card games like Game of Thrones, Vs. (Before it died and now in it's return) and others along the way. I'll play just about anything, I really enjoy X-Wing even though I don't own it. I'll play just about any board game set in front of me from Cooperative Deck Builders to "Friendship Ending Games" like Game of Thrones. In the end, I just like gaming and making videos to share.


Spectre Studios

Spectre Foreman
AKA: Jacob, Jake

 The newest gamer of the group, Benito suckered him into starting Warhammer 40k around 6 years ago. Starting with the Death Spectres chapter of Space Marines then expanding to Blood Angels. This was followed by the seduction of the Ruinous Powers resulting in Chaos Space Marine Alpha Legion and Chaos Daemons.  These days he is really enjoying playing Infinity with the Combined Army and new USAriadna. Although he doesn't own any X-Wing factions he can often be seen playing in videos. In the world of Malifaux he can be found playing the Outcast faction. Outside of tabletop gaming he can be found playing xbox one when his family lets him have the TV. A huge Song of Ice & Fire, Game of Thrones, fan he enjoys the books, tv show and playing the LCG. Being a Mainer he also likes to take time out from gaming to spend time in the outdoors fishing with his son and hunting.

Fabricator General

Our resident Terrain specialist is a very busy man going to school to get his degree in engineering, I know, appropriate right? When he does get a little free time his distractions of choice are building terrain and of course, gaming.

Mark has been gaming for .... well ... forever. He was one of the first to buy the 'new' Rogue Trader books and started playing Warhammer40K before it was even 40K. At one point he owned several units from every army in the game before running out of space. He still has his trusty Space Marines and Orcs, of which his kit bashed vehicular monstrosities are legendarily epic. He has now expanded his tabletop collection out to Malifaux's Guild, from Infinity The Nomads and plays X-Wing and Dreadball.

Hopefully we get a more personalized introduction from him soon, until then keep an eye out for him in our videos.

Spectre FedSen
Oh where to begin? Well, why not the beginning! I've been gaming for as long as I can remember (my memory fails me at times so that might not be saying too much). You can trace my roots to Oregon Trail after typing class or Pong on the Atari. I've owned an Intellevision, NES and almost every console since (XBox One now). I've continued to game on PCs and tablets and mobile phones all the while staying greatly entertained with board games, table top games, miniature gaming and even RPGs. I've even attended a LARP or two to round things out.  Recently my son Spectre Orion and I developed an indie dice game called "Game of Brains."

Now that I'm a father of two gamers and a husband, I've slowed down a bit, but not to much. One of the reasons my brother and I brought the Spectre Studios community together is because we know that there are many people out there like us that are married, have families or can not get to a gaming store on a whim like we did back in the day. Connecting online allows us to keep those gaming juices flowing and continue to enjoy it like we always have.

Some other things about me...well I've always been an entrepreneur and a bit of a jack of all trades, master of none. How so you ask? Well I have a lot of 'hobbies” that have helped me get my fifteen minutes of fame so to speak. I'm a published photographer and poet. I've acted as an extra in a beer commercial and a made for TV movie (that was originally suppose to be a TV show Pilot). I've assisted in the making of an indie film and have been working in video production/editing on my own and through Spectre Studios as well, making my own commercials for a clothing company and an indie board game. Those are just the good highlights of things I've done that might relate back to the gaming world.

One thing I've learned over the years is that you never stop being a gamer once you start and that's a good thing. I've met many people through gaming and have made some good friends, some acquaintances and network contacts. Gaming isn't all about sitting in your mothers basement eating Doritos and drinking Mt. Dew, it is a way to connect with people and enjoy something that many people have in common. Do you play Monopoly, Candy Crush or Minecraft? How about chess, checkers or Dungeon and Dragons? If you do, your a gamer. Welcome to our community!

Spectre Wile

aka Matt

Underdog Extreme, Cursed of Dice, and Primary Mantic Fanboy of the Spectres.  Over two decades of analog gaming backstop a professional troubleshooting career.   Intuitive strategy and out of the box viewpoints brought to the table showcase unexpected strategies and WTF! what are you doing?!? moments in his games.  Like the other Spectres, he has played through many of the games Spectre Studios showcases, and he has far too many rules systems stuffed into his gray matter.  Four Armies of the Imperium, and Dark Eldar Raiders are his 40k forces, Khador Rumbles through the Swamps of the Crockmen of his WarmaHordes world.  The Scum and Villiany of the Star Wars Spectreverse fly for Spectre Wile's profit. 

Mantic Games has alot of Spectre Wile's interest right now with the explosion of the company into major war games and specialized skirmish/board games.  He has participated in Mantic's Kickstarter projects and brings many of the Mantic Games to Spectre Studios. 

And when not at the gaming table, Spectre Wile can be found taking story telling to the Extreme with the Maine Adventure Society.  Let your Floon overfill your Tankard.  Huzzah!!!!

Spectre Senence

aka Spectre Prime the 1st Spectre

I’m a middle age player, husband, and father of four. I started rolling my first dice back in 1985 and D&D was a hushed secret amongst us Geeks. Ral Partha and Grenadier were treasures with their miniature line and I cherished my time making fantastic fantasy battles with my brother and friends.

Since that time my brother introduced me to Games Workshops Epic. Playing with titans, tanks, and scores of powered armored marines, I was hooked. Moving on to 28mm table top games, my armies were formed and I was battling players at local hobby shops in Southern Maine. I was well recognized for my friendly manner and competitive ability to play and made many friends that way.

I never forgot my D&D roots and created my unique world of Ellannis and have had over a hundred different players that have tried to survive and make their mark in my campaigns. Ellannis has grown over the 25 years of playing and with my dear friend Matt, begun work on a new rule system for it.

My gaming has led me to venture into video producing on the internet. Starting the brand Spectre Studios with Matt and having so much contribution from friends, it has shaped into an identity that I’m very proud of. My brother returned to the ranks of us gamers and has joined the studio and added so much more to it’s development. Mark Jacobs has also rejoined and added his creative talent to birth our Patreon support for the studio. With friends such as these, it is why I love doing this hobby. I am now still moving forward. Playing games but mostly now to share with all those that follow me on Spectre Studios. Thanks!